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Need a Portland Boating Accident Lawyer?

How often do boating accidents happen in Portland?


 In the state of Oregon, there were a total of 48 boat accidents reported in 2017. Out of those 48 accidents, there were 12 fatalities and 36 injuries reported. The leading cause of boat accidents in the state is operator inattention, which contributed to 8 of the total 48 accidents. Other causes include operator inexperience, improper lookout, and machinery failure.


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How Boating Accidents Happen


Most boating accidents are caused by operator error. This can include anything from inexperienced operators to those who are not paying attention to their surroundings. Other common causes of boat accidents include improper lookout, machinery failure, and bad weather.


Operator Inattention


One of the leading causes of boat accidents is operator inattention. This means that the operator was not paying attention to their surroundings or the people on their boat. Operator inattention can lead to serious accidents, including collisions with other boats, hitting a submerged object, or capsizing.


Operator Inexperience


Another common cause of boat accidents is operator inexperience. This is often seen in accidents involving jet skis or other personal watercraft. Many people do not realize how dangerous these vehicles can be and do not take the time to learn how to operate them safely. As a result, they can easily lose control and cause an accident.

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