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What does a civil litigation lawyer do?

A civil litigation attorney is focused on resolving disputes outside of the courtroom. The majority of civil cases are settled through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration. A trial is required in only a small percentage of cases.


Most lawyers who specialize in this area are also experienced negotiators or mediators and can help parties resolve their disputes without court intervention. Lawyers may also handle negotiation and dispute resolution alongside litigation in certain situations.


Los Angeles Civil litigation lawyers serve clients in both civil and commercial cases, representing individuals, businesses, governments, and organizations in a variety of legal matters. Such cases can include:

– breach of contract: This may be resolved through mediation or arbitration including small claims court.

– real estate: Dealing with claims on or related to property rights, this is usually resolved outside of court by negotiation or mediation.

– business litigation: This includes disputes between businesses and other entities, such as employment discrimination cases. These can be handled through negotiation or mediation before proceedings begin in small claims court.

– product liability: Defendants in these cases include manufacturers of defective products, wholesalers, and retailers.

– civil rights: Cases involving the infringement of a person's civil liberties or constitutional rights can also be brought to court if negotiations fail.

– personal injury: Injuries that result from negligence or intentional acts may come under the jurisdiction of civil courts.

– criminal offenses: This may be brought to civil court by the convicted party if the action is deemed unconstitutional.

What does a civil litigation lawyer do? In short, civil litigation lawyers resolve disputes outside of the courtroom through methods such as mediation and arbitration. They can serve clients in a variety of legal matters, including real estate, business litigation, product liability, civil rights, personal injury, and criminal offenses.


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