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Wrongful Death Attorney Louisville

Wrongful death cases are ones you have to navigate delicately. A wrongful death is when someone passes away due to a thoughtless act. Someone who was in charge of caring for the deceased, caused the death by improper care. A wrongful death could even be considered one if it was a willful act. A Louisville wrongful death attorney are compassionate and know that the loss of a loved one can not be replaced by anything. Though they are here to help you get the fitting amount of compensation for your case. 


Hance & Srinivasan, PLLC are a personal injury law firm in Louisville. They have helped countless people before you with their wrongful death cases. Hiring a Louisville lawyer from Hance & Srinivasan, PLLC is a profound way of helping your case. They apprehend the law, they know how it works and what the courts are looking for. They are your greatest chance at getting the proper compensation for your Louisville case. 

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