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Criminal in a particularly severe case Criminal law firm in Portland at Mark C. Cogan, P.C. act contains a tightening of punishment for particularly serious cases of theft, such as burglary, commercial theft or church theft. However, the offense is punished only severely if it is not a low-value thing. Particularly dangerous methods of criminal Harder punished than the normal criminal is also in accordance with § 244 StGB theft with weapons possession, theft or theft associated with burglary in an apartment theft. The term weapon becomes a weapon within the meaning of § 1 weapon law(WaffG) understood, so for example, a boot knife, brass knuckles or a firearm.


This does not include, for example, small pocket knives, hatchets or scythes. However, these objects can also be considered dangerous tools, if they are suitable for their objective nature and the specific nature of their use to cause serious injury. Looking for a Portland criminal attorney? You should call Mark C. Cogan, P.C the criminal law firm in Portland that has years of experiance.


If the requirements of the Criminal Code are met, the perpetrator will be punished to a prison sentence of at least six months to ten years. If it is a gang and the criminal act according to the law is jointly committed with at least three persons of the conviction to a prison sentence of one year to ten years into consideration.

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