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Bicycle Accident Law in Las Cruces

Negotiations with insurance companies Negotiations with an insurance company regarding compensation can be carried out by yourself or in some cases by your Las Cruces bicycle accident lawyer. When negotiating with an insurance company, you should have full knowledge about the details of the accident, for example, damage to the bicycle, the cost of repairing it or the final outcome of injuries.



Determination of damage to health

Cases related to bicycle accident compensation can be settled in three different ways: Both parties accept the sum of compensation proposed by the Injuries Board. The amount of compensation is agreed directly with the insurance company before the case goes to court. As a result of court proceedings. Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A is a personal injury law firm in Las Cruces.



The opinion of the Las Cruces injury assessment made by the doctor and the appraiser's assessment of the damage value of your bike are necessary to ensure that your interests are represented as well as possible when the settlement talks are reached. Resolving a case before receiving a physician's opinion regarding the extent of your injury or the valuation of damage to your bike may mean that the compensation awarded will not reflect the seriousness of your injuries or the costs of repairing your bike.

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