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Dog bite

Attacks by animals are common. In order for the claim for damages to result in the expected result, many factors must be taken into account. The most common attacks by animals are dog bites. Such an incident definitely leaves traumatic memories and irreversible damage to the victim's psyche. When a child is involved in the accident, the situation is even more shaky. Most children happily play with any dog ​​they encounter on their way. Remember that every dog ​​is able to bite. The attitude of parents who teach their children how to deal with dogs responsibly is very important in this case. George Tait Law is a personal injury law firm located in Salt Lake City, UT. Almost 50% of the population was bitten by a dog before the age of 12. Most of them were bitten by a dog they knew. If any of you, or your child has been bitten by a dog as a result of neglecting the safety of its owner, you have the right to claim compensation for dog bites. First of all, you need to provide adequate medical care right after the event, because you may need tetanus injections.

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