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As a startup, it's important that you ensure all legal matters pertaining to your business are addressed. Not only this but you have to make sure they are addressed well. Legal issues, no matter their severity, have the power to sink your business on a single go. Think of an entrepreneur who has allowed investors into his business yet not spelled out equity rights. Isn't he setting himself for a future conflict in regards to his firm's equity ownership? Certainly yes.



Startups can benefit greatly from a lawyer. Starting from a company's formation up to a time of expansion or even mergers, solid legal assistance never fails to come in handy. A lawyer will guide you through the legal process of starting a business. He or she will advice on matters such as incorporation, type of entity, and necessary documents among others.



Aside from startup incorporation, lawyers also help startups with a lot more. These include seed funding, product patenting, partnership agreements, mergers and acquisitions, commercial contracts, tax and licensing, legal suits, and even employee agreements among many more.



In regards to seed funding, you should always try and get a lawyer whenever you're getting into an agreement with an investor. Never go it alone. Investors have been known to turn against entrepreneurs and make away with their hard earned investments.



Are you a startup in Seattle that needs legal assistance? If yes, why don't you try out the Seattle business legal firm of Chung, Malhas & Mantel, PLLC. They are a firm with experienced attorneys who specialize in business law alongside other law disciplines. They take our clients' legal needs very seriously and are always at hand to ensure they are met. Contact them today for quality and affordable legal services.

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